Performance: Hard To Say (Guitalele)

Full Video - Recorded: 28th of May 2023 @ LiteraturHaus - Copenhagen Listening Room

This video is of my first performance of Hard To Say since I had written it five weeks prior. It’s always a little nerve-wracking when performing something for the first time as you don’t know if you will remember everything you need to and how it is received. The fact I was rusty didn’t help.

That night, however, I just decided to go for it and accept that my voice wasn’t in the condition I’d prefer it to be in. My nerves went away as soon as I was on the stage. Taking the pressure off by thinking of it as a live practice session in front of friends instead of a perfectly polished performance helped a lot.

Hard To Say is about when it is excruciatingly difficult to tell someone you like them because you have not had any luck with love in the past. It’s about the vulnerability of putting yourself out there being so overwhelming that you don’t go for what you want. Which often invites what you don’t want instead.

I hope you enjoy the song. You can also find Hard To Say on SoundCloud in my The(a) Demos playlist. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Video Credits

Host: Christa Wolf - CPH Listening Room
Sound/video: Janek Romaniszyn / Steffen Galster
Hard To Say (c) Thea Stone 2023 - All rights reserved, none given.