Performance: I'll Do It All With You (Guitalele)

Full Video - Recorded: 16th of April 2023

May 17, 2023

This video was from my second open mic since I took a break in Feb/March. It was the first time performing my song I’ll Do It All With You.

I wrote the song in February, just days before I found out my ex-husband passed away. That is why it took me so long to finally perform it because the grieving period inspired me to write a lot. I wanted to perform these other songs while I was still processing because I knew I could use the fuel of the emotion in my performance (even though it felt raw to do so, and I needed some recovery time afterward).

It was nice to finally play I’ll Do It All With You for everyone who came that evening. I probably wasn’t as connected with the song in my performance as I could have been because I was still struggling emotionally. I also found I struggled with the chords at the end. Sometimes I get swelling in my fingers, making it hard to play further up the fretboard on the guitalele. But not bad for my first time playing it live.

I hope you enjoy the song. You can also find I’ll Do It All With You on my The(a) Demos playlist on SoundCloud. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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