Performance: In or Out of Love (Guitalele)

Full Video - Recorded: 28th of May 2023 @ LiteraturHaus - Copenhagen Listening Room

May 31, 2023

This performance was my first time playing in any capacity for five weeks. I had been sick and then away in the UK and had no access to an instrument. I hadn't stretched my voice, but I decided to use the opportunity to have an imperfect performance and practice being OK with that. My perfectionism can take over and demand a lot from me before I’m comfortable sharing songs with others, but this was a chance to work on overcoming that.

This song was my debut performance on the open mic scene that I performed in August 2022. I have changed the structure a little since then. The second verse is now shorter, and I’m experimenting with some vibrato in the chorus, but still working out the exact melodic changes.

In or Out of Love is a song about when you are in a “will they - won’t they” situation with someone. I wrote it in the in-between phase of finding out that nothing is going to happen and getting that person out of your system and moving on. It is also about how you can give away your power when you want someone you can’t have.

I hope you enjoy the song. You can also find In or Out of Love on SoundCloud in my Thea Stone Live playlist. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Video Credits

Host: Christa Wolf - CPH Listening Room
Sound/video: Janek Romaniszyn / Steffen Galster
In Or Out of Love (c) Thea Stone 2023 - All rights reserved, none given.