Performance: In Your Arms (Guitalele V3)

Full Video - Recorded: 29th of January 2023

Welcome to another (delayed) song day!

It was my first time performing this song on the guitalele, and I had made some recent changes. I doubled the chorus at the end and extended the last note until after I finished strumming (instead of repeating the refrain).

The response I got afterward from the crowd was incredible! Many people came to me to congratulate me and to let me know they loved this song. One guy said it was a “killer song” and asked if I had it recorded anywhere!

I was happy with my performance. There were a few little oversights but nothing noticeable to the crowd.

In Your Arms is one of my few happy love songs. It is about losing yourself in bliss, in the arms of your beloved.

I hope you enjoy the song. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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