Performance: Miracle (Guitalele)

Full Video - Recorded: 5th of Feb 2023

Hump day is song day! :D

This open mic was special. I had my friend visiting me, and we went together. We had a day full of incredible music from many talented musicians.

Unfortunately, we could only do one song each as we had one hour less than usual, and many people wanted to perform. As a result, the changeover between sets was rapid. I was in a chair with no back, and the mic, I realized too late, was a little low. This meant I had to hunch over, and my guitar strap loosened enough that the guitalele slipped. So I was in no way comfortable when I performed this song.

However, looking back at the video, I got through it better than expected, so I’m happy with that. Thankfully this is a song I know inside out (as it is ten years old), so I didn’t have to think about it.

The song Miracle is about when you are facing some obstacle in your life that you have no idea how you will get through, but you still have hope there is a way forward - you are just not seeing it yet.

I hope you enjoy the song. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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