Performance: Rollercoaster (Guitalele)

Full Video - Recorded: 4th of June 2023 @ LiteraturHaus - Copenhagen Listening Room

Rollercoaster is for anyone who has ever lost someone and is about what it is like living with grief.

Although I am through the initial grieving period that gave birth to this song, I find Rollercoaster has a broader reach than I first anticipated. We can grieve many things, not just the people we lose but the parts of us we let go of and our illusions about the future and ourselves, for example.

I’ve found that this song has resonated with quite a few people, and it feels good to give words to those silent depths we can feel but don’t express. I chose this song as a companion to my revised version of The Observer (which will be released next week). I felt they paired well together because seeing through denial to the reality of things can cause us to grieve at first, so we can then later stand up and face the changes we have to make.

I hope you enjoy the song. You can also find Rollercoaster on SoundCloud in my The(a) Demos playlist. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Video Credits

Host: Dave Sorensen - CPH Listening Room
Sound/video: Steffen Galster
Rollercoaster (c) Thea Stone 2023 - All rights reserved, none given.