Hello, my name is Thea Stone. In this blog, you can follow my spiritual journey and gain access to exclusive tarot readings and channeled messages not found anywhere else!

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This blog is a collection of my premium content, including tarot readings, channeled messages, and interviews. Topics include love and twin flame readings, channeled messages from the forest, crystal ball channeling, and interviews chronicling my spiritual journey. I also want to bring on guests, from time to time, such as my sister, who is also a powerful medium.

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Included in this blog are interviews about my spiritual life.

The spiritual journey is not always an easy process. Many people doubt their inner voice and let others dictate what is and isn’t possible. That doubt stopped me from sharing my experiences as an intuitive on the path of awakening for many years.

That is why I created this blog. I want to share my spiritual experiences and what I learn along the way to help others realize that you are not alone and that you should follow your intuition and keep progressing on the spiritual path.

Over the last four years, I began sharing my experiences in podcasts and private conversations with friends and family. I saw how that helped them open to their intuition and psychic abilities.

So, I want to share my experiences with you on a deeper level in the hope that you can use them as inspiration for your spiritual journey.

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Note: I do not create content on an exact, regular schedule. I will only post a reading/channeled message/interview if I’m called to do so. This process allows the natural flow of spiritual messages to come when needed to give them extra potency.

About Thea Stone

Thea Stone is a Scottish tarot reader living in Denmark. She also works with oracle cards, pendulums, crystal balls, as well as direct channeled messages. Thea has a close spiritual connection with trees. As a Speaker of the Forest, she has been permitted to channel and speak on behalf of the forest.

In the summer of 2021, Thea began working with tarot cards and learning from Janine Morigeau. In 2022, she studied Shamanic Astrology with Terry Morgan and Shamanic Journeying & Healing in Community with Sandra Ingerman.

Over the years, Thea has attended many sessions in meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, feeling-based relating, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, psychomotor therapy, breath work, sound healing, i ching, tarot, tai chi, qigong, shamanic astrology and journeying. Thea uses these life experiences to enhance her offerings where appropriate.

To learn more, visit https://TarotByThea.net

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Channelling For The Collective and Interviews On My Spiritual Journey.


Thea Stone is a Scottish tarot reader living in Denmark. She also works with oracle cards, pendulums, crystal balls, as well as direct channeled messages.